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This programme is a 1 hour, one to one session, with business consultant Joe Connaughton ran through the local enterprise office.

More than ever now as a consequence of the Covid pandemic, we all need to re-focus on running our business in a very lean and efficient manner.

The focus of these sessions is to use a very common-sense approach to help you figure out simple and very actionable ways you can run a more efficient and ultimately profitable business.

  • Help you identify what is working well in your business and ways to increase this.
  • Focus on reducing what is costing you in terms of lost time and money.
  • Identify easy to use technologies that help you do this.

This one to one will help you look at what or how a number of well tried and trusted strategies could assist your business –

Mentor BIO:

Joe Connaughton is a commercially astute Entrepreneur and Technical professional with over 25 years’ experience in setting up, operating and growing technology start-ups to achieve business success. He acts as a non-exec chairman and trusted advisor for a number of well-established ICT and software companies. This role includes helping founders and management to develop and execute well tried and trusted international business growth strategies.

Joe  is an experienced mentor and advisor with the local Enterprise offices and Enterprise Ireland, helping business owners with simple lean processes to increase their efficiency and reduce costs and ultimately grow their bottom line.


This sessions will be delivered online / remotely. 

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