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Digital Transformation

What is Digital transformation?

Put simply it is the adaptation of readily available digital technology to help transform business services by replacing manual processes with cloud based digital processes.

Appadvisor can help you to develop a strategic roadmap for your digital transition.

What’s involved?

Typically, this would involve a review of your existing systems and processes and capabilities and the exploration of new opportunities in an ever-changing digital world.

Key focus areas to be considered:

  • Mapping your customers journey and working backwards through the business
  • Skills assessment, culture of innovation, digital mind-set in the company
  • Process flow efficiency in the operations (Lean & Digital)
  • Opportunities to deliver new value-added digital services or products
  • Use of digital systems to measure and reduce energy, emissions, and waste
  • Review of cyber-security strategy and processes

Sample of Appadvisor digital transformation projects

Case study 5: One company’s digital journey to growth

Case study 4: E-commerce enablement


Grant Support Digital Transformation


Several grants exist both from your local enterprise office and Enterprise Ireland to incentivise the adaptation of digital technologies to enhance your business expansion and internationalisation.

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