Joe Connaughton

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching and strategy

Joe Connaughton is an experienced coach and business mentor. He works with the business owner and key staff to help them thrive and fulfill their work related ambitions and also to strive to have a healthy work-life balance. As a former GAA player he sees great parallels and successful traits between sports and business. 

Joe specializes in developing personal and leadership strengths and in doing so facilitates business owners, managers, professionals and teams to be more self-aware, stronger and confident and notably to be more effective by working smarter, not harder.

Joe’s professional qualifications include a leadership and professional coaching diploma.


Over 25 years of experience in setting up, operating and growing companies to achieve business success. 

  • Experienced mentor and coach to many local business owners and board chair of 4 fast growing technology companies.
  • Joe founded Townapps,, a HPSU company with an international mobile application presence. He also founded Midland Computers,
  • Joe always has a strong commercial focus and mentors the owners and key management personnel to make sound, bottom-line key changes and to implement continual business improvement techniques.
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